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    Simply a Better Way

    We believe there is a better way to buy carpet. One that is easy. One that is convenient. One that is enjoyable. One that brings you exceptional value for your money along with peace of mind throughout the process. That’s why we created Honest Carpet.


    Life gets busy. We understand. That’s why we want to make finding and buying the right carpet amazingly convenient for you. Select your samples online and receive them within days. Consider the colors and textures in the comfort of your own home. No searching for elusive salespeople. No pressure. A simple experience designed to accommodate your schedule..


    Now we know we’re biased because we love what we do, but why can’t everyone have a great time buying carpet?! Just think of the potential: carpet can change the look and feel of any room. It can make an old space look new. It can make a room more elegant, charming, serene or cozy. The colors and textures can inspire your imagination.

    Sound overwhelming? Not so fast. Our knowledgeable design team has reviewed and hand-selected from a variety­­ of inventory - colors, textures, styles - for the perfect balance between unique selection and simple experience.

    We’ll provide the education, inspiration and installation. You get to kick back, relax and enjoy.


    We’re ALL consumers, right?! That’s why we treat our customers the way we like to be treated: with respect. Our Team Members are here to serve you with your best interests at heart. They don’t work on commission, an intentional decision specifically designed to allow them to focus on YOU.

    We don’t do artificial mark-ups. We don’t make unrealistic offers.

    What we DO offer is this: one of the only places online to find a remarkably accurate estimate for a fully-installed price. You shouldn’t have to travel to a store or have someone come to your home for that. Use our online tools as an easy starting point to figure out what your budget can handle. With our prices and value, we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Have we earned your trust yet? How about this: our Lifetime Installation Guarantee. We guarantee our installations for as long as you live in your house. Period. Forget about 1 year or 5 year guarantees. We train highly skilled technicians to install your carpet, and that means we are 100% confident standing behind our work.


    The world is changing. Shopping is changing.
    We’re changing things, too.

    • By eliminating the large showroom, we’ve reduced overhead.
    • By buying high quality, American-made carpet in bulk quantities, we’re able to negotiate lower prices that we then pass on to you.
    • By hiring team members instead of commission-driven salespeople, we’re able to lower costs AND provide you with a comfortable, no-pressure buying experience (we think it’s a win-win).

    A Company that gives back

    To Our Community

    We’re proud to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization dedicated to educating women and providing free mammograms to women in need. For every friend you refer, we’ll donate $50 to NBCF when they order and give your friend a $50 credit towards their purchase. Learn more about NBCF. A portion of proceeds from all sales will be donated to other wonderful organizations in need.

    To Our Environment

    We value our environment, which is why we recycle all of the padding we pull out of your home. Some carpet types can be recycled, others can’t. We are committed to recycling as much of the carpet we remove from your home as we can.

    To You

    You value your time. You value your money. We’re here to help you save both.

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