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    Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to help with your project.  We’re very excited for you and trust that you’ll love everything when complete.  There is some preparation required prior to installation.  Please note the following:

    • The technicians should arrive between 8:30-10:30 depending on your location as well as traffic, if you’re the first stop.  If you’re the second stop you should be notified in advance of an approximate arrival.
    • We will move the heavy furniture.  For us to do this, you must remove all
      • books from shelves,
      • bedding from mattresses,
      • fragile/breakable items from dresser/table tops, etc
    • All electronics should be disconnected and removed
    • Any piece of furniture, artwork or item that is an antique or family heirlooms should be removed
    • All hanging pictures should be removed from the wall to avoid being damaged
    • Closet floors must be cleared.  Hanging items may remain in the closet as long as there’s at least 2-3 feet of clearance

    Now that you’re all set for installation, here are a few other reminders:

    • Seams in your carpet may be visible.  Our installers are among the best in the business and will do their best to have it not be noticeable.
    • We make every effort to avoid scratching the walls and baseboard.  In many cases, it’s impossible to complete an installation without doing so.  Please be prepared to touch-up any spots that may get marked.  Fresh paint is highly susceptible to marking, so it’s best to plan for you or your painter to come back after installation
    • Consider if it’s appropriate for your pets to be home during installation.  If left home, they should be kept in an area safe from dust and risk of running out an open door

    Thank you again for your order and for helping contribute to a great installation.  We look forward to hearing how you like everything.  Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.


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