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    We believe we win when you, the consumer, wins.  That’s why we set out to create a shopping experience that put you in control.  For centuries, companies have been able to control, influence and even mislead (some flat out deceive, but we try to give the benefit of the doubt and look for the good in people/companies) their customers.  Shopping for carpet is in many ways similar to shopping for mattresses or cars.  They are big ticket, infrequent purchases where the consumer relies heavily on a salesperson to guide them.  There’s a lot of trust required.  As we all know, not ALL salespeople truly have your best interest at heart.

    With the internet came information and education.  As consumers became more educated, they became savier shoppers.  Consumers now can do their own research, learn what a fair price is for a given product AND… do all of this from the comfort of their own home with no pressure.

    HonestCarpet was designed to provide you a refreshing new approach to carpet shopping.  We’ll educate you (view our education page), provide you amazingly low pricing (by our measure, new carpet is as much as 15% less than the big box stores) by reducing overhead and give you a shopping experience you can enjoy from your couch.  The ball is in your court, now.  Shop how you want, when you want and with the confidence knowing you’re getting an honestly good deal.  Buying new carpet will forever be changed.

    Thanks for reading!  Happy shopping.  #CarpetDiem #SimplyABetterWay


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